Oliver's Case 2007

Oliver sustained brain damage as a result of medical treatment during his birth on 24 December 2000.
He has severe dystonic cerebral palsy with severe learning difficulties and visual impairment, he also has a gastrostomy. It was clear from early on that there had been serious errors in treatment and liability was admitted in 2002. We obtained substantial payments on account of the final award of damages of just under £1,000,000 which enabled Oliver's family to set up a comprehensive care regime.

Once it was possible to assess Oliver's future needs (at the age of six years) a trial was listed and settled was reached immediately before trial.

Oliver was awarded the sum of £1,997,793.85 by way of lump sum with an annual payment of £230,000 until he is 19 years of age and after this he will receive £290,000 per annum.

This is an equivalent award of £5,400,000 on a conventional lump sum basis.

Provided by Charles Russell


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